Alain Duguet expert analyste consultant formateur


Expert in Analytical Development - Consultant - Trainer

You work in the area of Pharmaceuticals ?
You are looking for a support to develop a new product, to improve an existing product, to file the corresponding Registration Dossiers ?

Alain Duguet, Pharmacist, PhD in Analytical Chemsitry, 30 years of experience in the area of Analytics and Regulatory in Pharmaceutical Industry (in R&D as in Industrial aspects), expert at US and European Pharmacopoeias, propose helping you in your activities. His area of expertise is more specifically the Active Ingredient, Drug Products and their manufacturing processes.

This support may consist in help to analytical development or in writing modules of Dossiers (consulting), of expert report for Regulatory purposes, in training sessions, etc... Any activity can be carried out in English as well as in French.